Is it a possibility to think that theatre and enterpreneurship could go well together? Most of you will probably say no, but that’s not true at all, let me tell you why.
At the beginning of the day we met our trainers and we were told to do the “theatre of the oppressed”. What is that?

This kind of drama technique is a non-formal way to learn how to express through body language, which is very important in the domain of enterpreneurship as words are not the only way to describe a situation. The theater of the oppressed teaches as well how to communicate with people and how to propose your ideas. That’s very interesting because, in the end, together we are much stronger. After breaking some cultural barriers we realized how well we can work together.


We also attended a presentation about place marketing and branding a product. In today’s activities we discussed buisness and we were divided in groups to find out good jobs for us in the enterpreneurship field. We learned that every territort can be promoted to gain benefits, for instance New York city, with the IloveNY brand, was the first territory to be promoted.

It’s been an interesting day filled with constructive activities and we all learnt something new.

Another interesting aspect of the day has been the discussion on our expectasions and fears about this project. Everybody agreed on developing new skills and learning about new cultures and improving together, while many were worried that the project might not be succesful.

I can proudly say that we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s activities. Now we go because we have an intercultural dinner!


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