Today after having a nice cup of coffee we headed towards the youth center to start with the day’s activities. For some of us the coffee wasn’t enough but luckily that’s what energizers are for. It wasn’t lazy but the playful character of the energizers and some good company made it possible even for the guys that love sleeping a little too much.


After that we continued our work regarding our ideal job and which obstacles we would face to really make it happen. Everyone in the groups was very positive and found considering different point of views effective. We also had the chance to make a small play about our ideal job which turned out to be very entertaining and brought out everyone’s creative side.

As for the next activity, it involved a little exercise that had to do with trust and confidence (basically we were asked to let ourselves fall on someone else’s arms!). It was a little terrifying to completely let yourself in the hands of others, to be honest, but if you really let yourself go someone even described it as relaxing.


Last but not least as a finishing touch the participants were asked to give their opinions about the project and possible suggestions for future improvements. There were some negative comments but all of them were made in a very polite way with clear intentions for the betterment of the program and the overall experience.


Now we rest and perhaps get a few drinks as we await for the next day to arise in this beautiful town.


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