Carpigiani’s success in the world

Tuesday 31st May we attended a lesson with Jamil Chehab about soft ice-cream and milkshake machines; he showed us how they work, how to use them, clean them and disassemble them properly.

Soft ice-cream machines can be divided in two different types: pump-working machines work thanks to a pump which through pressure push the ice-cream out; gravity-working machines, which thanks to gravity are capable of making ice-cream fall out, without pressure.

The core topic, though, was the internationality of the company and Carpigiani’s presence all around the world. At one point, Mr. Chiba, a japanese engineer who works for Carpigiani Japan, came her to tell us about the differences between European and japanese cultures, explaining how the customer is treated here and how there, as well as the importance of apologizing whenever a problem occurs.

DSC_0395.JPGMr. Chiba sharing his working experience.

As such, Carpigiani put so much effort in building strong and relationships between the customer, the producer and the seller, using, for example, user-friendly instructions.


The key words for Carpigiani’s industrial growth are “communication” and “understanding” the customer.


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